La ciudad mas fría del planeta. Yakutsk, Siberia.

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La ciudad mas fría del planeta. Yakutsk, Siberia.

Yakutsk, con 200,000 habitantes, es la población que soporta mas frio en toda la tierra. Las temperaturas de -50º Centigrados o Celsius son “normales. Cuando se alcanza la temperatura de -55 grados C, cierran las escuelas y los niños tienen el dia libre.

Si Yakutsk es la ciudad mas fria, la localidad mas fria es Oimyakon/Oymyakon, con 800 habitantes. Su record: −71.2 °C !!!.

Un video de Yakutsk. La ciudad mas fría del planeta


  1. Hello, I´m from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina and my place is similar, not than coldest as Yakutsk, but is cold anyway. These days we had btw -2 to -15 but we have heavy winds also. I like what a saw of Yakutsk.

  2. I’m from Fireland (Argentine) too, but I love The united States of America, that is my favourite country

  3. Hi my Name is Luis i´m living in Edmonton Canada, and the Temperatures this week was between minus 35 and minus 46 Celsius Degrees, TO COLD TOO usually in winter are between minus 23 and minus 35 Rgards,,,

  4. Hi Luis.. Please send us some pictures of you in your cold hometown! We will apreciate it so much! Thanks

  5. LOL! I’m from Saltillo, Mexico, In this city the coldest temperature is around -8°c to -12°c haha, actually my city is a beach compared than Yakutsk! LOL

  6. hello. I’m from Argentina and I would like to meet one of Siberia Belen my name and my facebook is Lulu Carp Thanks …

  7. Hi i am ricardo aguilera i live in mexico,and i need to know what kind of clouthes to wear,parka,pants,boots,etc…to visit Yakutsk who can help me?if you can write in spanish better,thank you..


  1. Imagenes del norte. Fotos de Kirovsk. | - [...] La ciudad mas fría del planeta. Yakutsk, Siberia. [...]

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